No reason to criticize Black Friday shoppers

I disagree with those who look down upon the eager Black Friday shoppers. Those noble souls who crash the barriers in the predawn dark of a November morning to win the prizes and consolations of manufacturers’ and importers’ most concentrated efforts are a genus of American unknown in other latitudes. They crave the competition, the surge of mass energy, the business-like ambition, which is itself the distillation of eons of evolution. What distinguishes this generations-old tradition from the Calgary Stampede? The Tour de France? The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona? Gender? Age?

C’mon! This is America. Where grannies can outshop the average pipsqueak in a nanosecond. Be proud of us. All of us. The shoppers. The merchants. The guys in the red suits with the kettles and the bells. Christmas shopping is at least as worthy an occupation as trick-or-treating. In fact, it may be a genetic consequence. Live and let live, say I.

Anne Costello