Pledge to Norquist derails compromise

If people want to know why we have a problem with the budget in Congress, then they need to understand that most of the representatives in the House have signed a pledge to a lobbyist pledging a narrow and unbending position on their vote. This is a disgrace.

I am not as concerned about the contents of the pledge as much as the act of surrendering their obligation to represent the will of the people who elected them. To surrender their vote to a single static position in a changing world is tantamount to not representing their constituency. How can we have any type of compromise if most of the elected representatives have already signed a pledge that does not allow them to represent their constituency in an ongoing and flexible manner?

Instead, the views of one Grover Norquist represent the signed position of the majority of our representatives. I suggest that before the House tries to negotiate a fiscal deal, the people who have signed the pledge put the interest of the nation before those of Norquist. They should stand before the House and tear up their pledge so we can move forward. It should never have happened, and it should never happen again.

John Brandenberger