Stop attacking teachers; they are not the enemy

I am a Buffalo public school teacher and my selection of medical coverage does include a cosmetic rider. I have had Botox to reduce stress lines from my forehead. There are four medical insurance packages that teachers can choose from when they are hired. All of the packages are offered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of WNY. The packages are designed to mirror services included in other companies’ insurance packages before the district arbitrarily went to one carrier.

Each package carries a different price. The basic package is the format that offers the cosmetic rider. The other three do not. The basic package requires a greater contribution from the member’s own pocket and the least payment from the school district. If I choose to utilize the cosmetic rider, it in no way costs the district additional funds. The truth is that the basic package costs the district the least amount of money in comparison to the other three choices of coverage.

I believe that most of the backlash comes from jealousy. My job is draining, stressful and wonderful. When I don’t see those stress wrinkles on my forehead, I present a positive image on the outside and inside, which propels me through another day.

The district pays for prenatal riders but we all do not use that option. The district pays one finite amount per member’s insurance coverage and no additional charges for services utilized. That kind of thinking would have people believing that if I don’t have a baby, then the district is entitled to a refund for services not utilized.

Get over the issue and let’s direct our focus where it should be – our children’s successful education and safety. Teachers are not the enemy, they are our soldiers on the front line.

Bonny A. Turner

West Seneca