Simply raising taxes won’t solve problem

I am appalled at the continual media bias with respect to resolution of the “fiscal cliff.” This is reminiscent of the past election.

Recent headlines and an accompanying article in the Nov. 27 News, “Rep. Reed joins GOP move to drop tax pledge,” support this opinion and imply that the only problem with the U.S. deficit is the lack of tax revenue. This is true in only a theoretical or philosophical context. You could tax everybody enough to close the deficit, but no one would have any money left for anything and this would send the world into economic chaos. The fact remains that if the government confiscated all of the income of the top 1 percent, the United States could be run, at current levels, for approximately eight days.

Where is the headline: “Sen. Reed and the Democrats refuse to address entitlement reduction”? Why isn’t this position demonized by the media, since it is the real problem with the country’s deficit? Where are articles that discuss how Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all going bankrupt; that cities, counties, states and very large corporations have significant unfunded pension and health care liabilities and the ramifications these liabilities will have on all of us because they have been allowed to grow?

We are at a crisis point in the United States. It is time for the media to do their job and report all the facts, be they good or bad, in an unbiased manner. I think then there is a better chance of coming to an agreement on the “fiscal cliff.”

Michael J. O’Connor