Star power

Brad Pitt ... in Buffalo!

Well, at least the heartthrob actor and producer seems interested in Buffalo.

Variety is reporting that Pitt is producing an hourlong drama series for HBO based on a 2010 New Yorker article by Buffalo native Jake Halpern titled “Pay Up.”

The show is to be called “Paper.”

Variety wrote it “centers on a notorious ex-gangster and single father in Buffalo, N.Y., who is trying to reform himself by also serving as a professional debt collector. He finds, however, that life in the debt collection business can be just as lethal as the biz he’s struggling to leave behind.”

Whether the future Mr. Angelina Jolie will play a role, or whether filming will be done in Buffalo, was not mentioned.

But we can dream, can’t we?

That ’70s show

The passage of time has not dimmed interest in returning to the ’70s, as the World’s Largest Disco continues to sell out its 7,000 tickets within hours each year.

But finding celebrity guests from the ’70s for the Disco will only get tougher as time marches on, said promoter David Pietrowski, as he was preparing for last week’s edition.

This year’s guests were “The Dukes of Hazzard” stars John Schneider (age 52) and Tom Wopat (61). The TV show aired from 1979 to 1985.

Pietrowski figures he can’t get someone like “Saturday Night Fever” legend John Travolta to show up, because he would command too high a price.

“It’s getting more challenging to try to find ’70s guests that people want to still see, that are still active.”

Gives a whole new meaning to “Stayin’ Alive.”

The mayor they deserve

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been taking heavy hits in the Canadian press since a judge ruled earlier this week that he has to forfeit his job over ethics and conflict-of-interest violations.

Seems hizzoner pressured lobbyists and a company doing business with the city to donate to his favorite high school football team – something that could never happen on this side of the border, right?

Since his downfall, the press has lambasted Ford, elected two years ago, for a tenure in which he was known to swear at reporters, bully city employees and generally carry himself with a disturbing sense of entitlement.

Which got us at Off Main Street thinking:

Who would elect a guy like this mayor in the first place?

Then we thought back to the 2010 World Juniors and some of those Buffalo-Toronto hockey games in recent years at HSBC Arena and First Niagara Center, and the answer was obvious.

Maple Leafs fans.

What do you recommend?

Madonna’s, an Italian-with-a-cool-edge bistro, has quietly opened at Franklin and Allen streets.

So far, it seems a worthy successor to Fiddleheads, its beloved, now-defunct predecessor.

A caveat: Don’t ask the waiter.

After stumbling on the chic-looking eatery one late eve, we cleaned a plate of fried smelt with caper mayo.

Eager for more, we went back for dinner the next night. “How is the ceci bean soup?” we asked.

No idea, said our young server. Doesn’t like cecis. Too bad, we thought after finishing a bowl of the robust vegan soup.

Still hungry, we wondered. The fish and lemon risotto?

Couldn’t say. Doesn’t like fish.

By the time the tart rice and moist skate disappeared from our plate, we dared to ask again.

Alas. A macadamia cookie confection included a glazed banana and – of course! – the fruit kept our finicky waiter from the menu’s only, sublime, dessert.

Madonna, maybe it’s time to pray for a waiter willing to eat what you’re selling?

Off Main Street is written by Stephen T. Watson with contributions from Maki Becker, Matt Glynn, Scott Scanlon and Michelle Kearns.