1. Name the two Grimm Brothers of fairy tale fame.

2. Are some snowflakes alike?

3. What kind of money was the “shinplaster”?

4. In writing, apostrophes are used most often to indicate what?

5. Is it true or false that the Brazil nut is an edible seed?

6. What are two other names – both begin with “p” – for the eastern ruffed grouse?

7. Where is the International Court of Justice?

8. In what ocean are the Azores, a group of islands?

9. A mile equals how many feet?

10. Who invented the reaper?


1. Jakob and Wilhelm.

2. No two snowflakes are alike.

3. Fraction currency issued by private enterprise or those other than constitutional authorities.

4. Possession.

5. True.

6. Partridge and pheasant.

7. The Hague in The Netherlands.

8. Atlantic.

9. 5,280.

10.Cyrus McCormick, in 1834.