We need not shed tears for Petraeus

Before we drown in the tears being shed for Gen. David Petraeus, I’d like to insert a quote from Harry Truman. You remember him. I do, for I had the privilege of voting for Truman in 1948. He was such an honest person, he didn’t even frank his mail. At least one of his cabinet officers said Truman was the most decisive person he ever met.

Truman had this to say about husbands who dilly and dally with compliant women: “I picked a West Pointer, son of an honorable father. A man who should have had Washington, Lee, Jackson, Gustavus Adolphus, for his ideals, to associate with me in carrying out a program. And I got a dud, a weakling, no ideals, no nothing. He’d use his office for his own enrichment. He’s not true to his wife (and a man not honorable in his marital relations is not usually honorable in any other). He’d sell me or anyone else he’s associated with out for his own gain, but for lack of guts.” This quote is from “Harry S. Truman,” written by Margaret Truman Daniel.

George D. Poe