Stop the bickering and work together

President Obama has been re-elected for another four years. Yet some Republicans still can’t accept this. They act like whining children who didn’t get their way. They claim that under Obama, religious freedom will be threatened, the Catholic Church will be abolished, the United States will become a Communist country and many other moronic absurdities.

Obama is our duly elected president by both the popular and electoral vote. Therefore, he is the president for all American citizens whether they voted for him or not. So would those disappointed Republicans please stop whining and grow up? And likewise, would the Democrats please stop gloating?

Name calling and bickering accomplish nothing. Let us unite and support our president when he needs it and criticize him constructively when he deserves it. Above all, we should pray fervently that he leads the country for the next four years according to God’s will.

Andrew F. Tomasulo