Rutecki outstanding? in service to youth

As a longtime friend of David Rutecki, I would like to mention his much-overlooked work with the youth of his beloved Black Rock and especially the youth of Assumption Church in Buffalo.

For many years throughout the '70s and '80s, he served as mentor, adviser and coach to hundreds of youths in Black Rock and Assumption Church. He was head coach of several Catholic Youth Organization baseball and basketball teams for the Assumption CYO. His girls basketball teams won several CYO divisional championships and even a diocesan title or two. His former players still talk about the great teams he fielded.

David was also part of a core group during the 1970s that established a Young Adults group at Assumption. Along with Father Richard Jedrzejewski, Father Richard "Duke" Zajac and many others, this group became the fund-raising arm for youth programs at Assumption and Black Rock. The primary fund-raising activity was a Saturday night bingo game that raised thousands of dollars for youth programming. David became renowned as the best bingo caller at Assumption Church.

He was once asked why he became a CYO basketball coach. In his self-deprecating manner he answered, "The girls team needed a ride to the basketball game and I had the station wagon." His life was one of service. He will be deeply missed.

Kenneth J. Kabacinski



Why would anyone? want Rice in office?

So the Republicans are despicable and desperate in their criticism of Susan Rice, aka quasi-spokesperson for the White House on the Benghazi tragedy? The editorial in The News reports this as fact, instead of questioning the real fact of our government having this woman speak on television "news" shows with misinformation. Notice I did not call her a liar. Perhaps she was only speaking for liars.

As a registered Democrat, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone of any political party would feel comfortable having a person for secretary of state or, heaven forbid, director of intelligence, who would be so willing to offer up such fiction. Oh, I forgot. We already have a woman secretary of state who, along with our president, made a $70,000 video in response to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. Comfortable yet?

Pam McDonald



Republicans sank ?Romney's campaign

Mitt Romney correctly suggests his defeat is due to "gifts" he couldn't compete with. However, the governor has misidentified the benefactors and beneficiaries who led to his loss. The largess of Foster (aspirin between her knees birth control) Friess and Sheldon (all Israel all the time) Edelsen allowed Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to contest Romney's nomination long after polls showed little general electorate enthusiasm for either senator. Friess and Edelsen single-handedly kept both campaigns going. Astonishingly, Romney had to tack to the right of both these marginal candidates to remain a plausible Republican candidate.

In its course, they broke his campaign at the start of the general election, kept him unfocused on President Obama and provided anti-Romney talking points for the Democrats. Two billionaires sank his campaign by their early opposition and later reluctant support that kept Romney more concerned with ingratiating himself to their money than the electorate. Poor Romney had to keep waiting for the approval of big money before getting the OK for his belated etch-a-sketch moment to distance himself from the far right.

In four years, the Democrats will be engaged in a campaign of contested primaries for their presidential nomination. Cheer up, Republicans, they could easily find themselves in the same situation. Single-source big money with an extreme leftist agenda could possibly derail the party's progress at running slightly left of center national candidates.

Larry S. Fallon

West Seneca


Let's do what's best ?for the common good

Elections change some things, but some things remain, like the continuing income gap in the United States. At last reading, the wealthiest 10 percent still own more than three-fourths of the country's wealth. Gaps between white Americans and black Americans are still at their widest level in more than 25 years.

Poverty, crime and despair are inevitable consequences of such disparity, as we read in our newspapers every day. But physical health, mental health, education, rates of imprisonment, civic life and other quality-of-life issues show clearly that everyone does better when societies are more equal.

During the campaigns, candidates regularly spoke of the common good. Common good means doing what is best for all Americans. We are still one United States. Hopefully as we move forward, all legislators and U.S. citizens will come together to promote the common good, to focus on the many things that unite us and work together for the 100 percent of us.

Sister Eileen O'Connor



Democrats want people ?dependent on government

Many Democratic politicians are like drug dealers. They continue to strengthen government policies that force unemployed people to become dependent on the government. That is exactly what they want, as it ensures their re-election.

Wake up, America! Commit yourself to becoming independent. If you need to get help from public assistance, only do so for a limited time. Don't make it your lifestyle. Be a better person. Speaking from one who has been in your shoes, I sympathize with you. I worked two part-time jobs at the same time at one point in my life to make ends meet.

These officials you elected strengthen policies that make it harder for businesses to operate, under the guise that "evil corporations" are making too much of a profit. If a business doesn't make a profit, it won't be around for long, and more people will be laid off and forced to depend on the government. Funny how that works to the advantage of the politicians. Making money in a legitimate way is not a bad thing for a person or a company. That ensures our great country continues to thrive and we continue to enjoy the freedoms that many other people in the world do not have.

When the politicians have fooled everyone into re-electing them, then they vote to give themselves a raise. If there was any kind of change in this country that allowed only people in households that pay income tax (and retired senior citizens) the right to vote, things would sure be a lot different. We wouldn't have people voting for the very politicians who are doing them harm by giving them their monthly "fix" of a welfare check.

Katherine Brennan

West Seneca