Democrats want people dependent on government

Many Democratic politicians are like drug dealers. They continue to strengthen government policies that force unemployed people to become dependent on the government. That is exactly what they want, as it ensures their re-election. Wake up, America! Commit yourself to becoming independent. If you need to get help from public assistance, only do so for a limited time. Don’t make it your lifestyle. Be a better person. Speaking from one who has been in your shoes, I sympathize with you. I worked two part-time jobs at the same time at one point in my life to make ends meet.

These officials you elected strengthen policies that make it harder for businesses to operate, under the guise that “evil corporations” are making too much of a profit. If a business doesn’t make a profit, it won’t be around for long, and more people will be laid off and forced to depend on the government. Funny how that works to the advantage of the politicians. Making money in a legitimate way is not a bad thing for a person or a company. That ensures our great country continues to thrive and we continue to enjoy the freedoms that many other people in the world do not have.

When the politicians have fooled everyone into re-electing them, then they vote to give themselves a raise. If there was any kind of change in this country that allowed only people in households that pay income tax (and retired senior citizens) the right to vote, things would sure be a lot different. We wouldn’t have people voting for the very politicians who are doing them harm by giving them their monthly “fix” of a welfare check.

Katherine Brennan

West Seneca