Republicans sank Romney’s campaign

Mitt Romney correctly suggests his defeat is due to “gifts” he couldn’t compete with. However, the governor has misidentified the benefactors and beneficiaries who led to his loss. The largess of Foster (aspirin between her knees birth control) Friess and Sheldon (all Israel all the time) Edelsen allowed Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to contest Romney’s nomination long after polls showed little general electorate enthusiasm for either senator. Friess and Edelsen single-handedly kept both campaigns going. Astonishingly, Romney had to tack to the right of both these marginal candidates to remain a plausible Republican candidate.

In its course, they broke his campaign at the start of the general election, kept him unfocused on President Obama and provided anti-Romney talking points for the Democrats. Two billionaires sank his campaign by their early opposition and later reluctant support that kept Romney more concerned with ingratiating himself to their money than the electorate. Poor Romney had to keep waiting for the approval of big money before getting the OK for his belated etch-a-sketch moment to distance himself from the far right.

In four years, the Democrats will be engaged in a campaign of contested primaries for their presidential nomination. Cheer up, Republicans, they could easily find themselves in the same situation. Single-source big money with an extreme leftist agenda could possibly derail the party’s progress at running slightly left of center national candidates.

Larry S. Fallon

West Seneca