Let’s do what’s best for the common good

Elections change some things, but some things remain, like the continuing income gap in the United States. At last reading, the wealthiest 10 percent still own more than three-fourths of the country’s wealth. Gaps between white Americans and black Americans are still at their widest level in more than 25 years. Poverty, crime and despair are inevitable consequences of such disparity, as we read in our newspapers every day. But physical health, mental health, education, rates of imprisonment, civic life and other quality-of-life issues show clearly that everyone does better when societies are more equal.

During the campaigns, candidates regularly spoke of the common good. Common good means doing what is best for all Americans. We are still one United States. Hopefully as we move forward, all legislators and U.S. citizens will come together to promote the common good, to focus on the many things that unite us and work together for the 100 percent of us.

Sister Eileen O’Connor