Libraries ought to take precedence over stadium

A couple of days ago, reading The News and drinking my morning coffee, I noticed two articles on the same page of the Region section. On the left was an article reporting the budgeting of $4 million for “not severe” concrete stair repairs at Ralph Wilson Stadium. To the right, there was an article reporting the Buffalo Public Libraries “pleading for the restoration” of $3.3 million needed to return hours and programs that were recently eliminated.

Isn’t it nice to see how the county of Erie has its priorities set that best benefits the taxpayers of Western New York? I guess it’s better to make improvements to a locality that gets used eight to 10 times a year, rather than all of the public libraries in Erie County used hundreds of times a year. I will sleep well tonight, knowing the football fans are safe, at the expense of books and reading programs for our libraries.

Michael Scime

East Aurora