Shorter campaigns would benefit nation

I agree with the Nov. 16 letter, “We need to reform our political system.” I couldn’t have written it any better! All the points the writer made are truth-telling and grounded in reality.

Part of the campaign finance reform issue concerning the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United should also include the shortening of the campaigns themselves, possibly to six weeks. Great Britain’s campaign for prime minister lasts only six weeks. Shortening our campaign would allow less money to enter and “run the race” and eliminate a lot of problems associated with corrupt finance. It would also encourage more qualified people to enter the race.

Three debates could be held – one every two weeks – one on international issues, one on domestic issues and one as a town meeting format on a variety of issues brought forth by the citizens.

Our political system needs a major overhaul if democracy and the voice of the people of a “common good” government is to remain the mainstay. Not a plutocracy, where the voice of the people is muffled by the wealthy 1 percent, which would and does perpetuate inequality for the remaining 99 percent. We can handle the change to come.

Judith A. Maldonado

West Seneca