Legalized marijuana would be disastrous

If we are going to legalize pot, as Donn Esmonde suggested in his Nov. 11 column, why should the police bother anyone for DWI? With legalized pot, we will have even more people dead than before. How many people have died from DWI? Now we will give impaired drivers a better chance to murder even more people.

This is the first step in putting more drugs on the street, and legalizing them. Has Esmonde ever talked to people about drug addiction in their families and how they feel about what he says is a good idea? Pot is the beginning of the end for all drug users.

Isn’t it bad enough that we have an alcohol and smoking problem in our country? Or does Esmonde really think that pot isn’t that bad? Give us the facts about those who never got over the pot and heroin problems, as opposed to those who do not do drugs.

Francis Zimmerman