Time to investigate do-nothing Congress

After one of the most disgusting political election seasons in history, Congress is back to work. Are our representatives working on putting Americans back to work? Are they honestly attacking our national debt? Of course not. They are shamelessly conducting investigations on the four unfortunate deaths in Benghazi. Let’s see, how many of our troops died in Iraq in a useless war? What about the Pat Tillman incident? How about our troops still dying in Afghanistan? Oh, I guess they don’t matter.

We sent basically the same representatives back to Congress. They had a 9 percent approval rating, but regardless they are back playing their favorite sport – attacking each other. Wow, we are in desperate need of a leader or leaders to get our dysfunctional Congress to actually accomplish something positive for our country. I agree that an investigation is sorely needed. The entire do-nothing Congress should be investigated for possible malfeasance.

Allen F. Scioli