There's not much time left, but before the snow flies in earnest, avocado lovers have a chance to try one of the better avocado sandwiches around.

Behind the Larkin @ Exchange building in Larkin Square is a shiny trailer, Square 1 Sandwiches, where Harry Zemsky sells sandwiches (745 Seneca St., Since starting this summer, he's been selling a small, interesting list of sandwiches including one he calls the Jerk Avocado ($6).

"It seems there are no places that have an avocado sandwich, where the main ingredient is avocado, even though people say they love them," Zemsky says.

Inspired by his experience at a Burlington, Vt., restaurant, the sandwich includes Haas avocado that's been tossed with smoky and sweet paprika, cayenne pepper for a kick, and a bit of mayo. That goes between slices of DiCamillo's Italian bread with fresh basil.

Zemsky acknowledges it's not a classic jerk flavor profile, but says people are digging it nonetheless. Until he closes for the season Dec. 14, people can come down and try one. "People have realized that we have good vegetarian sandwiches, which is maybe a hard thing to come by," he says.

Andrew Z. Galarneau