It’s a cliché that can double as a curse: “Write what you know.” But for anyone who’s ever tried his or her hand at a creative writing exercise, it also happens to be good advice – at least as far as it goes. And novelist Brooke Wyeth, the central character in Jon Robin Baitz’s riveting family drama “Other Desert Cities,” has followed it into some dangerous territory. When she gets a bad case of writer’s block, Wyeth delves into her family’s sordid history for new material. What she dredges up – some dark and uncomfortable stuff – threatens to destroy not only her crumbling sanity, but the relationship she shares with her parents and brother.

The Kavinoky Theatre (320 Porter Ave.) will open the Western New York premiere of this play, which closed on Broadway in February, at 7:30 tonight. The production, directed by Peter Palmisano, stars Kristen Tripp Kelley, David Lamb, Barbara Link LaRou, Lisa Ludwig and Matt Witten.

Tickets are $35 to $39, with info at 829-7668 or

–Colin Dabkowski