Hamburg Village Board members are considering whether to sell the old fire hall on Buffalo Street.

“As a concept, it makes a lot of sense to go down this path,” Trustee Mark J. Colmerauer said.

The village leases the space to Nunn’s Auto & Tire, receiving about $16,200 in rent a year, Village Administrator Donald Witkowski said. The village also pays taxes on the property, because it is not being used by the village.

The village consolidated firehouses into one location on Union Street about 12 years ago. It sold the Long Avenue firehouse earlier this year for $85,000.

Witkowski said an appraisal of the Buffalo Street building ranged from $90,000 for its lowest use to $175,000 for its “highest and best use.”

Board members discussed seeking proposals for development of the property.

“We need to jump-start that block,” Trustee Laura Hackathorn said.

“A lot’s going to depend on what the economy is going to do,” Mayor Thomas J. Moses Sr. said.

The current tenant has the right of first refusal if the village decides to sell the property, officials said.

The board made no decision Monday night, but Moses said, “Let’s give it some thought.”

The board also discussed a proposal from a firm to buy the leases from cell companies that have antennas on the village’s two water towers for the next 40 years for $1.7 million.

Witkowski said the village receives about $150,000 a year in rent. Selling the leases for a lump sum would put “a hole in your budget,” he noted.