LOCKPORT – A man who is already in state prison for a Niagara Falls business burglary has been connected by DNA evidence to three others, Assistant District Attorney Joseph A. Scalzo said in Niagara County Court Monday.

Elbert Lewis Jr., 43, of Frontier Avenue, Niagara Falls, is in the state prison system’s boot camp-like shock incarceration program for a November 2010 break-in at a Universal Wireless store.

He agreed to give a confirmatory DNA sample to be compared to blood found at break-ins at Niagara Chiropractic on Pine Avenue Nov. 12, 2008, and at the Great Wall Chinese restaurant Dec. 24, 2008.

A Jan. 8, 2009, burglary at a cellphone store also has been connected to Lewis, but the word came too late to be included in Monday’s order by Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas.