LOCKPORT – A Buffalo woman who injured two Niagara Falls police officers Dec. 3 avoided jail time Monday in Niagara County Court.

Pamela L. Newbern, 29, of Poplar Avenue, had pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree assault. Officer Ronald Cirrito underwent knee surgery and Officer Marsha Gee suffered a back injury after subduing Newbern, who had taken a cab ride without paying the fare.

“She was drunk out of her mind,” Assistant Public Defender Matthew P. Pynn said, adding that Newbern couldn’t remember the incident the next morning.

Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas, saying it was “terrifying” that Newbern could get that drunk, sentenced her to three years’ probation on the condition that Newbern enter an inpatient alcohol treatment program, which Newbern had avoided because of child care issues. “You’re going to do inpatient or you’re going to go to jail,” Farkas said.