A mishap with a portable generator during a Monday evening power outage in southern Orchard Park apparently sparked a blaze in a Gartman Road home near Chestnut Ridge Park, according to Orchard Park Police.

The fire started about 8 p.m. when the male occupant of the house was trying to run a generator to power the house because his wife uses an oxygen tank. The power went out about 6:30 p.m. in much of the southern part of town, police said.

“We believe a gas generator was responsible for that fire,” police Lt. Mark Pacholec said. “We’re not sure now if it was the homeowner’s error or if there was a problem with it.”

Pacholec said both the occupants of the house, whose names were not provided, are in their 80s. They escaped the burning home, but needed medical treatment. The man suffered second-degree burns and was transported to Buffalo General Hospital, where he remained late Monday. His wife was taken to the Mercy Ambulatory Care Center for evaluation.

Pacholec said the home sustained “substantial” damage from the fire.

Power was restored later Monday evening.

Police said they were going to continue their investigation into the cause of the blaze and survey the damage at the scene Tuesday morning.