Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk's office for the week ending Oct. 12.


17 Brodies Way, K&D Development to Nancy V. Frey; Norman C. Frey, $42,000.



?Highest price: $368,000?

Average price: $170,995?

Median price: $145,000?

Number of Sales: 26

17 Newcastle Drive, Christopher K. Forte; Andrea D. Forte to Sabeen A. Ahmed, $368,000.
84 Collins Lane, Natale Building Corp. to Timothy R. Loughran; Ann F. Loughran, $339,000.
163 High Park Blvd., Mortimer Spiller; Harriet Spiller to Aspire of Western New York Inc., $310,000.
478 Aradise Road, Raffaele Wyatt; Patrick G. Wyatt to Carmelo Gaudioso; Andrea B. Gaudioso, $310,000.
140 South Cayuga Road, Helen M. Ostrowski to Patricia Jordan, $300,000.
350 Mill St., 350 Mill Street Llc to Nancy T. Forman, $290,000.
58 Hunters Glen, Timothy R. Loughran; Ann F. Loughran to Stacey B. Pastore; Gregg M. Pastore, $260,000.
38 San Rafael Court, Esther S. Takeuchi; Kenneth J. Takeuchi to Umesh D. Babaria, $258,000.
23 Hirschfield, Danko Kobziar; Nadia Danyliw-Kobziar to James M. Cohan; Meghan R. Cohan, $195,000.
142 Casey Road, Margaret A. Canzoneri to Brian Staiger, $180,000.
487 Washington Highway, Jillian K. Zabel; William J. Crossetta to Brandy E. Meece, $179,380.
502 Forest Edge Drive, Kimberly Ann Nice to Yelena Ermant, $175,000.
1265 New Road, Deborah Stephens to Kevin J. Stephens; Beth A. Stephens, $150,000.
146 Avalon Drive, Beth Ann Ross; Kevin J. Stephens to Suzanne Mastrorilli; Kenneth P. Stephens, $140,000.
2855 Hopkins Road, Nancy M. Kamholz; Leslie C. Kamholz to Frank Modlich; Karen Modlich, $140,000.
717 North French Road, James A. Minderler; Ann E. Minderler to Joan Pollock, $130,000.
31 Harvard Court, Josephine Koch to Beverly A. McKim; Dale M. McKim Jr., $125,000.
1410 Maple Road, Christine P. Klaich to Candace P. Zuccaro, $104,000.
54 Norman Place, Richard J. Scarfia; Sara G. Scarfia to Queen City Family Properties, $102,000.
Vacant Land/178 Arcadian Drive, Rockingham Estates to Alexis R. Mecca; Ryan J. Mecca, $78,000.
13 Hemlock Lane, Nicholas Edbauer to Andrew T. Williams, $72,000.
20 Brendans Drive, Celtic Enterprises Inc. to Bryan Llc, $70,000.
70 Cranburne Lane, Judy A. Starr to Michael A. Cuddihy, $60,000.
40 Wyeth Drive, Johanna V. Battle to CMK Builders of Alden Inc., $53,000.
61D Georgian Lane, Mary Ann Buffamonti; Nancy Buffamonti to Arman Afshani, $50,000.
800 New Road, Mary Rita Cassetta to McCarthy Kevin R; Blue Lightning Enterprises Inc., $7,500.



Highest price: $395,000?

Average price: $201,988?

Median price: $202,000?

Number of Sales: 8

4 Morningside Drive, Rocco Capobianco to James W. Parr; Sharon A. Parr, $395,000.
377 Fillmore Ave., Terry Myers Kelly; William J. Kelly to Nancy A. Ronan; William P. Ronan, $285,000.
4075 Martingale Court, Legacy Polo Grounds to Carol L. Bradley; Leonard E. Bradley, $254,900.
144 Roycroft Circle, Linda L. Schnepper to Tracy L. Galuski; Lawrence S. Galuski, $238,000.
181 North St., Stephanie Chudy; William Chudy to Bethany E. Murray, $166,000.
1132 Grover Road, Mary C. Rieman; Charles G. Rieman; Michael D. Rieman; Barbara J. Moulton to Mary N. Pearson; Joseph H. Pearson, $155,000.
2028 Davis Road, Scott Jardine; Danny Jardine; Virginia E. Stallone to Jeanelle Martin; Jeffrey Bantle, $80,000.
Vacant Land/Cook Road, Douglas M. Green; Barbara B. Green to Kristen M. Buchanan, $42,000.



Vacant Land/Ellis Road, Mary F. Stearns; James M. Stearns to Joseph Schmelzinger, $10,000.



Highest price: $4,600,000?

Average price: $233,451?

Median price: $43,000?

Number of Sales: 60

652 & 690 South Ogden St., Daniel Frija to CMSI Realty, $4,600,000.
1067 Grant St., Showplace Associates to Resonance Riverside Properties, $720,000.
155 Nottingham Terrace, Her Majesty The Queen In Right of Canada to Angelo M. Fatta, $530,000.
154 South Ogden, Ahmad Yamon to 154 South Ogden Llc, $455,000.
892 Main St., Center For Hospice & Palliative Care Inc. to 892 Main Street Llc, $380,500.
227 Highland Ave., Chelsea Duval to Stone Relocation Financing; Stone Financing, $230,000.
760 Tacoma Ave., Molly W. Forden to Angela S. Delarco, $180,000.
660 Ohio St., Apollo Services Inc. to 710 Ohio Street Llc, $145,000.
185 Whitehall Ave., Amy M. Cuonze; Joseph P. Cuonze to Patrick M. McDonald; Linda M. McDonald, $125,000.
3385 Bailey Ave., Daniel Adams Jr. to Jaehwan Kim; Min A. Choo, $115,000.
770 West Ferry Ave., 770 West Ferry Inc. to Christopher Cardone, $99,900.
316 Carlton St., Joseph Agro; Jamie D. Smith to Cuc Mortgage Corporation, $94,470.
183 Ogden South, Daniel G. Lutman; Daniel B. Lutman to Douglas P. Nikel, $82,500.
19 Avery Ave., Lenin Gonzalez to Robert Zandrowicz, $80,000.
373 Breckenridge St., Camille Rappold; Patricia Lawrence to Meghan A. Puvogel, $80,000.
205 Holly St., Amy Sheedy to Henry N. Stahl IV, $77,500.
1659 Amherst St., City of Buffalo to Fairfield Commons Llc, $77,000.
283 Holly St., Anthony Starzynski; Kelly Starzynski to Gary Castanik, $63,600.
97 Ryan St., Kathleen Cunningham-Isch; Gerald W. Isch to Charles Lopez, $62,500.
665 Prospect Ave., Anna N. Bandriwsky to Deborah Lynn Williams, $62,000.
19 Simon Ave., Michelle M. Raczka; Clifford D. Raczka to Amanda Jolee Lopez, $59,000.
25 Allegany, Kevin P. Veith to Doris Czajka, $55,500.
158 Mariemont Ave., Sara D. Walsh to Richard A. Willard, $55,328.
241 Florida St., James F. Lagona; Joel L. Daniels; Maria D. Lagona to Fannie Mae, $54,304.
17 Tyler Ave., Bruce Damico to Cynthia Whiting; Jehanzeb W. Syed, $54,000.
44 Winston Road, Muriel R. House to Artisan Property Holdings, $52,500.
170 Royal, Ron Scott to Brillianza Management Inc., $52,000.
264 Cumberland Ave., Joan Mary Penders; Joan M. Penders; Katherine M. Penders; Maura K. Penders to Lauren A. Cockcroft, $45,900.
50 Warren St. & 93 Sweet Ave., Eco Dev Inc. to Purityson Llc, $43,000.
338 Baraga St., Roy A. Green to LNS Property Management, $42,500.
344 Baraga St., Roy A. Green to LNS Property Management, $42,500.
45 Stewart, Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company to Mrs. Hippo Llc, $40,500.
364 Hewitt, KC Buffalo Enterprises to JDNK Holdings, $33,000.
364 Auburn Ave., Rolando Irizarry to Khalaleo Enterprises Inc., $32,000.
373 Grider, Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company to Mrs. Hippo Llc, $31,500.
60 Roma, Buffalo Edge to JDNK Holdings, $30,000.
89 Southside, RNR Investments to M&E International Real Estate, $30,000.
878 Niagara St., Charles J. Morgante; Phillip P. Morgante; Paul J. Morgante to Queen City Housing Llc, $29,500.
590 Amherst East, Bruce Bassity; Susan Bassity to Sam Feaster, $27,000.
948 Kensington, Wing Properties to Armitage Properties, $26,500.
23 Albert St., Kurtlyn Cunningham to Rabr Holdings, $25,000.
183 Weston Ave., Delores E. Parker to Gregory Quick, $22,000.
22 Freeman St., Joan Leann Majors; Joan Majors; Joan W. Majors; Joan L. Majors to Napoleon L. Green, $22,000.
327 Potomac Ave., Zachary Capobianco to Steven Fowler; Derek Masters, $21,500.
2020 Clinton St., Joseph Jack; Maria Jack to Scott Orcutt, $20,000.
46 Hazelwood, Joseph Phillip to KC Buffalo Enterprises, $20,000.
24 Silverdale Place, Faith Summers to Charles Brew, $19,500.
173 Rodney Ave., Janice O. Williams to Mahbuba Sultana, $17,000.
859 Walden Ave., Christine Kinyera to Wing Properties, $17,000.
555 La Salle Ave., Fannie Mae to Damien Foster, $16,551.
386 & 388 14th St., Ghislaine Cintron; Jose M. Lopez to Salvador Muniz; Jorge Astacio; Minga Figueroa, $15,000.
183 Tenth St., Michelle Vazquez to Daisy Balaguer; Jose I. Balaguer, $10,000.
106 Lombard St., Chanel D. Inabinett to Bradsville Properties Holdings, $7,000.
245 Townsend, Anna Halo to Kenneth White, $7,000.
Vacant Land/110 Amherst St., Vacant Land/115 Amherst St., Vacant Land/120 Amherst St., Vacant Land/73 Thompson, Gregory K. Gajewski; Gregory K. Gajewski Sr.; Marguerite L. Gajewski to Ionica Llc, $7,000.



?Highest price: $499,900?

Average price: $100,168

?Median price: $82,000

?Number of Sales: 20

3052 Walden Ave., 3052 Walden Ave Inc. to Walden Avenue Property Corporation, $499,900.
235 East Treehaven Road, Jason Tutak to Daniel F. Novak; Jill E. Novak, $150,000.
74 Lucerne Court, Patricia Sporysz; Robert J. Sporysz to Shirley A. Lipp; Dennis C. Lipp, $130,000.
76 Montfort, Shirley A. Lipp; Dennis C. Lipp to Shanell Schmitt, $124,000.
235 Zoerb Ave., Karen A. Szczesniak; Lynda M. Enders; David J. Szeluga; Diane M. Serio to Diane M. Eckel, $100,000.
52 Fairelm Lane, Jennifer Blamowski to Jason R. Pagano; Stefanie A. Leo, $98,315.
61 Woodgate Drive, Ruth A. Riccio to Brian J. Hejmanowski, $91,000.
34 Pebble Creek Drive, Courtney A. Gorman to Beth A. Miller-Delellis, $86,000.
290 Wagner Ave., James E. Schoenhals; Jaclyn M. Schoenhals to Tyshon J. Heard, $85,860.
1090 Cleveland Drive, Suzanne P. Hakes to Kenneth Oquendo; Patricia A. Oquendo, $82,000.
86 Oehman Blvd., Beverly Cutre; Joseph D. Cutre Jr. to Vincent J. Perfetto, $82,000.
15 South Seine Drive, Jason Kolb; Raymond Kolb to Christopher Kolb, $80,000.
34 Foisset Ave., Robert F. Schmitt; Cheryl A. Schmitt to Nicholas J. Schmitt, $80,000.
50 Jane Drive, Adele Iwinski to Mark R. Johnston; Linda J. Johnston, $74,000.
8 Pebble Creek Drive, Joseph Chester Michalek; Joseph C. Michalek to Christina F. McCarthy, $69,500.
100 Shanley St., Mark R. Johnston; Linda J. Johnston to David Properties, $46,000.
89 Mayberry Drive E, HUD to Anthony J. Gullo, $45,777.
197 Rosewood Terrace, Homesales Inc. to Kathleen E. Little, $42,000.
13 A St., Michael J. McCartney to Joseph Pawlak, $28,000.
8 Normandy Ave., Jason Ryniec to John Cardot, $9,000.



?Highest price: $695,000?

Average price: $268,089

?Median price: $250,000?

Number of Sales: 9

8960 Hillview Drive, Loretta Stalker; Gregg J. Stalker to Gary A. Kajtoch; Annette M. Dispenza-Kajtoch, $695,000.
5860 Monaghan Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Atul Dahiya; Amandip K. Kamoh, $382,305.
4107 Thornwood Lane, Jeffrey M. Dombek; Jeffrey M. Dombeck to Kimberly A. Nice; Barbara J. Lawler, $330,000.
8886 County Road, Kelly A. Ferchen; Richard A. Ferchen to Betsy B. Scime; Charles L. Scime, $298,500.
10635 County Road, Franci Jo Gajewski; Richard S. Gajewski to Kirsten E. Provenzano, $250,000.
4157 Susan Drive, Brian R. Grom to Tadgi A. Deberg, $199,500.
8451 Sheridan Drive, James J. Liolos to Eric A. Stumpf, $102,500.
8275 Greiner Road, Margaret L. Herneisey to Umberto Family, $90,000.
9390 Lapp Road, David N. Robinson to Michael R. Adolf; Patricia A. Adolf, $65,000.



8986 Murray Hill Road, Dawn M. Vecchio; Paul C. Vecchio to Deanna D. Nagel, $145,000.



Vacant Land/South Cascade Drive, Frances W. Potter to 99 Cascade Llc, $275,000.
13525 Pritchard Road, Albert Burruano; Michael A. Paterek; Linda M. Paterek to RBS Citizens, $60,901.



2473 Bauer Road, Frank Nicotra; Patrica A. Nicotra to Thomas J. Paszek; Cynthia M. Paszek, $240,000.
7915 North State Road, James H. Agle; Patricia A. Agle to Jonathan H. Agle; April L. Agle, $200,000.



3631 Bullis Road, Jolee Dansa; Michael Dansa to Bret H. Biersbach; Nicole M. Biersbach, $530,500.
40 Springbrook Shores Drive, Frederick J. Chapman; Paula B. Chapman to Rocco A. Capobianco, $310,000.
41 Oaknoll Court, Mary Teresa Losi; Peter Grant Losi to Kelly A. Darmstedter; John A. Darmstedter, $251,000.
81 South Blossom Road, Robert H. Spahn to Jeffrey Nowak, $80,000.



1352 Indepebndence Drive, Forest Rothenberg to Thoms A. Goldbach; Diane L. Goldbach, $85,000.
9034 Lake Shore Road, Richard Ziolo; Linda Ziolo; James Ziolo; Camille Ziolo; Camille Williams to Richard Ziolo; Camille Williams; Linda Ziolo; Camille Ziolo, $62,000.
Vacant Land/Erie Road, Mary Waring; David Waring to Larry G. Wagner, $20,000.



133 South Lane, Jason Ras; Tammi L. Von Wryeza-Ras; Tammi L. Von Wryeza to Michelle R. Muscoreil; James V. Muscoreil Jr., $175,000.
1091 Baseline Road, Richard N. Halas to Laura M. Lombardo, $125,000.
75 Jenell Drive, Sarah Nitsche; Glenn C. Kaifas to Joseph P. Pitoniak, $115,000.
647 Willimas Road, Martha J. Donnelly to John T. Brodfuehrer; Martha J. Donnelly, $19,048.



Highest price: $526,000?

Average price: $165,823?

Median price: $144,900?

Number of Sales: 13

125 West Arnold Drive, Timothy V. Jorden Jr. to Diana Stirling; Michael Churchill, $526,000.
5500 Pebble Beach Drive, Jerilynn Dussing; David Dussing; Jerilynn A. Dussing to James Klubek; Eileen Klubek, $359,000.
4707 Mosey Lane, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Kevin R. McGuire; Joann M. Gorman, $239,900.
5992 Shoreham Drive, Deidre Gallerani; Michael Gallerani to Scott Handschumaker, $210,000.
3763 South Park Ave., Christie L. Swartz to 1 Main Holding Llc, $180,000.
5042 Parker Road, Sallyann M. Errington; William E. Errington to WNY District Inc. of the Wesleyan Church, $155,000.
5174 Briercliff Drive, Joann M. Gorman to Jesse R. Lavtar, $144,900.
14 Jordy Court, Christine T. Pfentner to Anna Taggart Lewis; Christopher Lee Lewis, $141,500.
4528 Oxford Terrace, Margaret E. Kane; Curtis W. Taylor; Susan C. Deane; Alice M. Taylor to Mary A. Taylor; Barton A. Taylor, $87,000.
4228 Salem Drive, Linda L. Kovacs to Joan Vecchio, $68,000.
Vacant Land/37 Scooter Lane, Country Meadows to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $28,400.
Vacant Land/South Park Ave., Donald P. Bilodeau to James M. Costello; Chantal L. Costello, $10,000.
Vacant Land/Linden Ave., Ferdinand Garcia to Hamburg New York Land Development Corporation, $6,000.



136 West Elmview Ave., Ernest C. Duma; Elizabeth M. Duma to Elba Delecki, $130,000.
66 Orchard Place, Mary V. Blacklock; Joseph W. Dorolek III; Nelson E. Dorolek to Colin P. Higgins, $109,200.
332 Southside Blvd., Sharon Besecker; Leonard S. Besecker to Kelly L. Buckley; Michael R. Buckley, $87,000.
35 Majestic Terrace, Pamela Ventura; Marsha Waz to Cheryl McCoy, $70,000.
43 Maple St., Bryan J. Craven; Carrie A. Curtin; Carrie A. Craven to Patrick E. O'Grady, $28,000.



Highest price: $1,213,500?

Average price: $206,666?

Median price: $133,750?

Number of Sales: 20

20 Chestnut Corner, Brenda Gregori; Frank L. Gregori to Prudential Relocation Inc., $1,213,500.
18 Hill Valley Drive, Joleen M. Reinholz; John M. Reinholz to Jill M. Hurley; Richard R. Baginski, $340,000.
19 Sterling Place, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Joelle M. Hibbs; D.J. Hibbs, $281,632.
7 Prairie Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Sherry Hausrath; Craig Hausrath, $251,950.
37 Woodgate Drive, Barbara A. Rudnick; Robert R. Rudnick Jr. to Nancy Gonka; Peter G. Bradford, $240,000.
27 Hanover St., Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Lynn Foley, $183,390.
45 Rose St., Patrick M. Dahn to Alan M. Ezzo; Patricia J. Ezzo, $183,000.
21 Hanover St., Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Christine L. Fina, $177,955.
Vacant Land/Pavement Road, Michael Rudz; Melissa A. Alexander to Pavement Road Enterprises, $165,000.
95 Elm Place, Robert Phibbs; Susan Phibbs to Anthony C. Fronzcak; Geneva M. Larson, $134,000.
1848 Como Pakr Blvd., Elizabeth Evans; Susanne Gillotti; Frederick Evans to Keith E. Valazza, $133,500.
35 Katherine St., James M. Cohan to Laura N. Dutton, $130,000.
29 Lindan Drive, Diane Richenberg to Steven R. Kinney; Katherine N. Needham, $118,000.
63 Park Blvd., Barbara Ann Laduca; Nancy Jane Montesano; Mary Alice Pawelek to Lynn M. Bishop; Ronald A. Bishop, $115,000.
100 Broezel Ave., Dorothy Siemucha; Adam S. Siemuchaw to Lyudmila Bozhanova Petrova; Petar N. Petrov, $114,000.
49 Rumford St., Elizabeth W. Szymanski to Jeffrey R. Szymanski; Stephanie L. Szymanski, $100,000.
Vacant Land/Cemetary Road, Blessed Mother of Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Parish of Depew to Eva Burkhardt; Guenter H. Burkhardt, $85,000.
3907 Bowen Road, Michelle M. Maniccia to Kathryn Burgio, $80,000.
253 Olmstead Ave., Christopher J. Mullen; Donald A. McLeod Jr. to Kim Dowd, $43,900.
1 Wendell Ave., Daniel F. Zynda Jr. to Amy Grosofsky; Chester Grosofsky, $43,500.



11015 Stolle Road, Michele Hovey to David J. Fuhrmann, $167,150.
1827 Three Rod Road, Margaret D. Murzynski to Joseph Cavanaugh, $120,500.
1787 Two Rod Road, Robert Kimble to Patrick K. Stewart, $86,000.



7834 Scotland Road, Nancy L. Green; Charles M. Green to ANJ Properties, $130,000.



3859 North Buffalo Road, Timothy J. Scott to Birch Run Inc., $275,000.
80 South Shore Drive, E. Perry Spink; Arlene M. Spink to Holly L. Nelson; Christopher T. Nelson, $250,000.
57 Vistula Ave., Joan M. Weiss to Lisa M. Hurley, $101,900.
172 Stepping Stone Lane, Maureen E. Alico; Bruce S. Zeftel to Peter V. Faris, $10,142.



12840 Van Slyke Road, Margo C. George to Thomas D. Macklem; Linda D. Macklem, $187,000.
12859 Deerfield Drive, Alice M. Andres to Jason K. Bragg; Angela M. Bragg, $135,000.



116-118 Fletcher St., Gwen E. Mulcahy to Justin A. Karcher; Nicole R. Ziots, $17,000.



Highest price: $209,800?

Average price: $114,397

?Median price: $107,000?

Number of Sales: 16

239 Willowgrove Court South, Frank F. Tucci; Josephine R. Tucci to Nicholas A. Ingold; Elizabeth A. Ingold, $209,800.
126 Dorset Drive, Michelle C. Harper to Irene Kaselis, $195,000.
118 Grayton Road, Anne P. Lawrence to Lindsey M. Starr, $157,000.
74 Washington Ave., Rocco Schiavone; Sheri L. Schiavone; Richard H. Cole to Midfirst Bank, $141,988.
761-767 Sheridan Drive, Joseph R. Lajudice to 765 Sheridan Inc., $135,000.
173 Pickford, Robert A. Daeschler; Monique L. Daeschler to Marc R. Loeser; Amanda L. Brown, $118,000.
605 Evergreen Drive, Martin F. Grisanti; Christine M. Grisanti to Kathleen A. Zimmerman, $115,139.
265 Greenhave Terrace, Artisan Property Holdings to Julie A. Wilcox, $109,000.
41 Paige Ave., Megan L. Smith; Megan L. Ryan-Smith; Todd M. Smith to Christopher P. Mazgaj; Jessica R. Skelly, $105,000.
47 Wrexham Court South, Frederick Maedl; Gertrude A. Maedl to Robert P. Hardy; Susan F. Hardy, $103,500.
516 Two Mile Creek Road, Lillian Tepley; Lillian A. Tepley to Joshua D. Tarasek, $92,200.
154 Tremont Ave., Amy K. Socha; Stephanie M. Watson to Gina M. Dangelo, $84,550.
704 Loretta, William J. Topolski Jr. to Lynn M. Greene, $82,880.
20 Nicholas Drive North, Mary G. Brewer to Kimberly S. Baum; Christopher A. Baum, $81,300.
393 Brighton Road, Patricia J. Begin to Matthew Begin, $60,000.
71 Brendan Ave., Etta Pace to Charles Sears; Christopher M. Williams, $40,000.



11327 Warner Hill Road, Florence C. Thornbury to Karen Jane Ciminelli; Daniel Ciminelli, $90,000.



Highest price: $175,000?

Average price: $111,236?

Median price: $110,500?

Number of Sales: 12

1349 Seneca Creek Road, Phyllis Murray; Jack Murray to Barbara A. Rudnick; Robert R. Rudnick Jr., $175,000.
136 Jasmine Ave., Regina Kaczanowski; David A. Kaczanowski to John E. Sisson, $170,000.
83 Christopher Drive, Cynthia M. Duggan to Michelle L. Johnson; Harvey L. Johnson Jr., $135,000.
8 Christopher Drive, Suzanne Kurtz; Charles M. Kurtz to Caitlin Louth; Christopher Louth, $132,400.
20 Jasmine Ave., Patrick Caffery; Paula C. Bowen to Christopher J. Trent, $127,000.
6 Elmsford Drive, Sharon M. Oehler; Shawn M. McIntire to Daniel J. Celeste; Janice A. Celeste, $126,000.
733 East & West Road, Karl J. Schoening to Danielle Strzelczyk; Matthew E. Borawski, $95,000.
215 Wimbledon Court, Kathryn Zawadzki to Erik Rogers, $88,000.
400 West Ave., Vincent A. Cerullo to Daniel J. Eberle, $80,400.
30 Manhassett St., Michelle L. Duggan; Harvey L. Johnson Jr. to John Nicholas, $77,000.
184 Dover Drive, Gerald J. Waszak to Jeffrey J. Folaron, $76,500.
1104 Indian Church Road, Helen Sienkiewicz to Michael M. Rajca, $52,530.