Bills need to invest in coach and QB who are winners

Last Sunday’s game against the Patriots came down to a fatal interception by Ryan Fitzpatrick once again. It doesn’t matter what a great game he had, which is rare for him, they still lost.

When the game is on the line you go to your best receivers or running back. Gailey’s decision to go to a rookie receiver when the game was on the line was a bad coaching decision as he’s done all year. It’s time for the Bills to invest in a coach and quarterback who know how to win.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Bills would be wise to ditch Fitz for Kellen Moore

As a four decade diehard Buffalo Bills fan, Sunday’s defeat to New England was particularly painful. The Bills have a very good defense and offense. What they lack is a quarterback who knows how to win.

I’m sure Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good person, but his inability to make the big play has gotten really old. How long will the Bills stick with him and make their fans suffer?

Here is what the Bills need to do: Get Kellen Moore. I moved from upstate New York 10 years ago to Boise, Idaho, and watched Moore lead the Broncos for four years. His 50-3 win/loss mark is the NCAA Division I record for a quarterback. I hoped and prayed that the Bills would draft him, but ultimately he went undrafted.

The Detroit Lions picked him up and he is now their third string quarterback. He is probably the smartest quarterback in the NFL and more to the point, he knows how to win. It hurts me as a fan to watch Buffalo lose week after week. Give us all a break, and get Kellen Moore in to lead this team.

Robert Todd

Nampa, Idaho

Commitment to Gailey casts gloom on fans’ spirit

We almost had it. I could feel it. That elusive win against our nemesis was just within reach. But then, as we so predictably do, we allowed this winnable game to slip through our hands and into those of one eager Pats defender.

The fact that we were just six points behind is astounding considering the penalties, 14 for 148 yards. Some of these calls were questionable, for sure. However, this goes back to coaching and the lack of discipline instilled by Coach Gailey.

Despite our deficiencies, week after week, we continue to beat ourselves. Buddy Nix’s commitment to Gailey is reason enough to cast gloom on the team’s spirit as well as the fans.

Elizabeth D. Sikorski

West Seneca

Pats always get benefit of the doubt versus Bills

Can we please just stop with same old clichés about how “questionable calls are part of the game,” “good teams overcome bad calls” and “bad teams don’t get the benefit of the doubt.”

First of all bad calls should not be part of the game. Is it really too much to ask for pass interference to be called consistently? Second, the Bills are not a good team, everyone except the players themselves recognize that. This epically horrible defense is not good enough to overcome the officials giving New England a first and goal at the 1, and they should not have to be. Had replacement officials made those two awful interference calls Sunday, it would have been on Sports Center all week.

But it’s the so called “cream of the crop” refs making the call against the lowly Bills and nobody outside of Erie County bats an eye. The Pats have been handed gifts all the way back to “Just give it to ‘em” which was three years before the “Tuck Rule” game.

Jim Mecca


Alabama’s loss opens door for real No. 1 to rise up

At least someone beat No. 1 Alabama. In my opinion, it never deserved the ranking to begin with, playing its patty-cake schedule.

With their schedule, even UB would be in contention. Winning by 30 or 40 points against weak competition doesn’t prove you’re No. 1. When they really played some actual opponents, they showed who they really are.

LSU almost beat them, but Texas A&M flattened them defensively and offensively.

Finally, we’re going have a true No. 1, whoever it may be.

Paul DiVito


Passion for the sport fuels Lake Shore volleyball

For those brought up surrounded by the inherently violent sports like football and wrestling, such as myself, a game like volleyball might seem like a “sport” for the weak. But let me assure you, after attending one of Lake Shore’s games, and quotation marks are thrown out of the window.

The Eagles put on a stellar performance every game and bring me back time and time again. Even after a long day at St. Francis High School, I still drive back to watch these guys perform. I never thought volleyball, especially at the high school level, could carry such intensity.

The part that really blows my mind is that these kids, despite their seemingly insurmountable talent, are not the machines you would expect at this level.

They aren’t a bunch of animals engineered from early childhood to be great volleyball players. This is just a group of kids that tried the sport out in middle school and fell in love with it.

I’ve known most of these guys personally from a young age and can honestly say that they are some of the friendliest, most down-to-earth guys you will ever meet.

From little-loop football and travel soccer, to the camping trips I still share with some of the players and their families, they have proven to me that they are the kind of kids that truly deserve to go all the way.

As senior Ryan Joslyn once said to me around a campfire, “It’s not always the best team that wins in volleyball; it’s the team that shows up to play the best.”

Michael J. Muffoletto


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