Pigeon seems to forget voters still have a say

The behind-the-scenes Karl Rove of Western New York politics, Steve Pigeon, is casting blame on Jeremy Zellner and Mark Poloncarz for the loss of three important seats in local, state and national government. Although unelected, and no longer the Democratic chairman, Pigeon continues to have a disproportionate role in selecting our candidates. He seems to forget that we voters still have a small say in whom we elect to represent us.

Mark Grisanti, whether for political reasons or truly on principle, voted in the affirmative for same-sex marriage. I believe many voters admired his courage, whether or not they agreed with him. Then Grisanti stated that he would never vote for a salary raise for New York legislators until they started attending to good governance. Those factors, together with incumbency, the inexperience of a relatively unknown young Democrat, and the resurrection of a previous official who left politics to secure his private-sector pension, gave Grisanti a distinct advantage in the race for state senator.

Congressman-elect Chris Collins ran in a largely Republican district that was gerrymandered to ensure a GOP victory, and still Rep. Kathy Hochul gave him a run for his money.

And, the newly elected county comptroller had been a local media personality, adequate qualification for many voters.

It could turn out that the voters selected the winners, however unlikely Pigeon may think that is.

Janet M. Goodsell

Grand Island