Republicans need to face the truth

The refrain that I heard from friends and family just prior to and immediately following the elections was that we would at last be free from political television ads and annoying phone calls. Unfortunately that’s not true.

Last Saturday afternoon, I received a call from the Young Republicans telling me that I, like most Americans, am probably distressed with the outcome of the election and that I longed for the days of the Reagan administration’s successful economic policies. The best way to ensure our returning to the good old days would be to donate and respond to a few questions so I could make my wishes known.

Talk about the spirit of cooperation and moving along so that our country can begin to rebuild and grow. Let’s hit the newly re-elected president from behind.

I read in a recent News article that the Republicans were going to re-examine their recent strategies and endeavor to discover why the American people were turned off to their political rhetoric. Maybe it’s because the Republicans can’t deal with the facts and won’t face the truth – the majority of the people in this country are looking for real solutions, not those that have been tried and retried by previous GOP elected officials. The GOP lost the election because the Republicans only offered to repeal recent legislation and continue the policies of Reagan and the two previous Bush administrations. Blaming the loss on those other people isn’t a solution.

How about putting some effort into cooperating with the elected president and perhaps the American people will look at the Grand Old Party and think: What a great group. Look at all they’ve done to get us back on our feet. Maybe we should put them in control next time around. I doubt this will ever happen.

Lilia F. Vitale

West Seneca