Obama has no part in cellphone program

I write this letter in response to a letter printed on Nov. 11 that insinuated that people voted for President Obama due to the “lure of a free Obama phone.”

Let me emphatically state that I voted for Obama despite the fact that I have never received any free “Obama phone.” Furthermore, I am writing to educate the writer of that letter, and the like-minded people who have no understanding of this phone that people continue to link to Obama, although he had nothing to do with the program.

The free cellphones are part of Lifeline program, which was instituted under President Ronald Reagan in 1984. In this program, discounted phone service was given to low-income households, and taxpayer money was not used to fund this program.

In 2008, under President George W. Bush, the program was advanced to include cellular phone service. It had nothing to do with Obama, except that it came to fruition after he took office. Again, it is not funded by taxpayer dollars.

As for the letter writer bemoaning that he did not vote for Obama and did “nothing to deserve four more years” of this administration, I’ll kindly remind him and everyone else that this is America, where we elect a president. We do not always get what we want. I certainly didn’t vote for George W. Bush, but he was put into office, and I accepted this. As with any election, some of us are going to get the president we very much want, and others are not going to get their choice. The good news is that any president is elected for only four years, so those who do not like him will remember that they can vote again in four years, as can the rest of us.

Annette Morrison