Republican Party is far from dead

In recent days, I’ve watched and listened as many Democrats gloat over President Obama’s stunning victory. First, a 50 percent to 48 percent win for a sitting president over a one-term former Massachusetts governor is hardly a mandate. In addition, the Republicans have kept their very decisive majority in the House. Western New York Republicans have added our own Congressman-elect Chris Collins to the mix. The president won’t be able to sneak through his very large, expensive social programs at taxpayer expense.

The fact that Obama has the likability of a rock star does not automatically mean he’s a great president. The Republican Party is still the party of family values, lower taxes and smaller government. Also, it doesn’t have to be coaxed into having the word “God” included in its party platform.

Yes, the president won fair and square. But the Republican Party is far from dead. Enjoy it, Democrats. Hillary Clinton isn’t going to do nearly as well.

Robert G. Peterson