The Iroquois School District plans to use the retirement of transportation supervisor Bradford Masters Jr. as an opportunity to explore job-sharing, the district announced Wednesday.

Superintendent Douglas Scofield said Masters, a 30-year employee who oversaw 82 square miles of bus routes, will be missed.

“He’s here before me and after me; he will be hard to replace,” the superintendent said. “I’m going to reach out and see if any neighboring district wants to support a shared supervisor. I’m not sure if it will work out, but I want to explore it. It’s come up at budget meetings, and it’s a perfect time to look into it.

Board member Suzanne Wolff was skeptical that a shared transportation supervisor would work, particularly with the extended hours put in by Masters. His retirement is effective Feb. 28.

In other matters, Business Administrator Joanne George said rates used to calculate the district’s New York State Teachers Retirement System bill are increasing and will cause a budget spike of about $800,000.

“It’s one of the challenges we will be facing at budget time,” George said. “I’m already looking at ways to mitigate it. This is one of those mandates we really need relief from.”

Also, Mary Jo Dudek, assistant superintendent for curriculum, said the district is modifying current report cards by adding an insert that will more directly reflect student achievement. Teachers will address the changes with parents at conference time. Redesigned report cards will be implemented next year and are “truly standard-based,” Dudek said.