Parker will be missed by local art community

Much has been written and much more will be said about the loss of Catherine B. Parker. What is meaningful to me is that through meeting her and becoming friends almost a decade ago, the words creativity and spirituality were not mutually exclusive.

She introduced “salon” to many of us interested explorers. We learned that centering moments helped us gather our thoughts as we embarked on conversations together while honing our listening skills. Having a theme versus an agenda, salon was about sharing creative influences and artistic outlets. It was about discussing our words through poetry, writing or song. It was about expressing ourselves through painting, photography or fiber.

It was where we learned contemplation in an intentional space. It was where we connected for a brief grace-filled moment in our burgeoning artistic pursuits. It was good medicine. Would that we all discern the importance of this in our harried and hurried world. Would that we all endeavor to be more quiet and kind and appreciate all that we are gifted with, for we were gifted Catherine B. Parker.

As Colin Dabkowski wrote, may her legacy help us uncover the beauty and significance in the everyday in our own private thanksgivings.

Deanne Plonka