No good will come from more gun laws

President Obama has nothing but good intentions when it comes to his anti-gun philosophy. Unfortunately, no good will come of more weapon restrictions. Some people might argue that stricter gun laws will make it harder for people to get a hold of assault weapons, and they would be correct. It’s substantially more difficult for a good, law-abiding citizen to acquire guns than it is for the thugs and psychopaths to do so illegally.

A near perfect example of my point is that marijuana is illegal, yet it is impossible to rid society of it. Even if there was a ban on guns, there would still be people who maliciously possess them. Laws affect only the people who are lawful. All those who follow the law and are subject to gun restrictions are rendered helpless to the whims of the criminals and maniacs who are not affected by the laws.

An attempt to take guns out of the hands of criminals is a lost cause, but there is a solution. The smart thing to do would be to make it easier for good people to acquire guns so that they can stop mass murderers before they can take any more lives. We need to put guns in the hands of good people. Just think about the recent Colorado shooting. What if a good citizen was carrying a gun? Countless lives would have been saved.

Some people think that the police are here to protect them. That is not the case. Law enforcement exists for the sole purpose of enforcing laws. Good citizens should arm themselves to protect the lives of good people, and to deter those who do not respect the universal right to life.

Darrick Weyrough

Lake View