We need to reform our political system

Now that the election is over, maybe we should concentrate on some changes to our political system. Let’s start by getting rid of the ridiculous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which allows corporations to buy elections and pay millions for those terrible political ads that are filled with lies and half-truths, by passing an amendment or having Congress pass public financing laws.

Secondly, let’s expose those politicians who have taken an oath to the lobbyist, Grover Norquist, to never increase taxes – which supersedes their oath to the U.S. Constitution – and then ask those politicians to stop obstructing and begin to find compromise with the opposition. Let’s end filibusters in the Senate, and eliminate the Electoral College so that our individual vote counts.

Then let’s go back to standards set by Teddy Roosevelt and break up monopolies like those “too big to fail” banks on Wall Street. But most importantly, let’s set much more stringent rules against lobbyists who control our government. Why not reward businesses that stay in the United States and stop subsidies for companies that move to China? And while we are at it, let’s stop subsidies to the oil companies and get rid of the tax loopholes that allow corporations to avoid taxes.

Maybe we should also create a new party that represents the interests of the middle class and not the lobbyists. In a country where the most important right of all is to vote and with 21st century technology, why do voters have to stand in line for eight hours? Finally, how about applying the truth test to the unqualified “blowhards” on radio and TV who are responsible for stirring up the hatred that so divides us?

John W. Kowalski