With more than a dozen hamburgers on its menu, the Wellington Pub (1541 Hertel Ave., 833-9899) sells about 100 pounds of grilled beef patties a week.

But none have drawn a cult following like the Monster Burger ($9.50). The 8-ounce patty comes topped with homemade Thousand Island dressing with capers and other spices, which is nice, and topped with four or five slices of bacon, which is enough to make it popular by itself. But the attraction is in the bun. Where other burgers use bread to swaddle their meat, the Monster Burger comes wedged between two toasted cheese sandwiches.

Wellington will sell 30 to 50 monsters a week, said General Manager Jim Frankhauser. “We have guys who come in just for that, two or three times a week,” he said.

For some eaters, the Monster isn’t enough. “People put a twist on it,” Frankhauser said. “We have stuffed banana peppers on our menu, and people throw that on there,” for another $2. “They do all kinds of crazy stuff with this thing – [chicken] fingers, banana peppers, shrimp, an egg – we’ve had burgers up to $16 that people built themselves, it’s the biggest thing you could imagine.”

Was it inspired by anything in particular? “Just the chubby kids in the kitchen,” he said. “We do a lot of burgers, so we’re always thinking of adding new ones. It was just something that sounded good, and it took off like crazy.”

– Andrew Z. Galarneau