At 6 p.m. Saturday, the University at Buffalo’s Anderson Gallery (1 Martha Jackson Place) will open “Transmutation,” an exhibition of new work by accomplished Rochester-based photographer Carl Chiarenza.

In his abstract black and white photographs, Chiarenza captures collages of materials he has assembled in his studio that are arranged and lighted to suggest otherworldly scenes and other borderline-recognizable images that defy viewers’ attempts to pin down exactly what they might represent. His work has been shown in dozens of galleries and museums in some 80 solo exhibitions and 250 group shows, according to an article in the alumni magazine of the Rochester Institute of Technology, where Chiarenza teaches.

“Chiarenza transforms the natural world rather than recording it, contributing to the ongoing debate generated by digital imaging as it relates to our notions of lens-based truth,” a statement on the Anderson Gallery show reads. “For Chiarenza, the camera, lens, and exposure time are only starting points for shaping the image.”

The exhibition runs through Feb. 24. Call 829-3754 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski