If you’ve been driving or biking the streets of Buffalo in the past year or so, chances are you’ve seen a piece of artwork by Max Collins, the Buffalo artist known for pasting his photographs to any object that strikes his fancy – from garage doors and brick buildings to old fences and window frames.

Before Collins developed his current calling card, he worked long and hard to develop some serious photographic chops. Collins’ skill behind the camera, uncomplicated by the rough surfaces upon which he typically pastes his pictures, is on view in his ongoing series “No More Talking,” a new segment of which is exhibited in 464 Gallery (464 Amherst St.) through Nov. 28. The photographs, presented in Plexiglas light-boxes, examine Americans’ increasing dependence upon the virtual world.

“The glazed, hypnotic expressions [in the photographs] are meant to capture the look of a generation that is interacting with computers to the point where individuals have been diagnosed with ‘Internet addiction’ after displaying traits usually found in cases of substance addiction,” Collins wrote in a statement about the series. “These faces represent the expression and physical state of one of these addicts immersed in a virtual realm, more absorbed in cyberspace than the tangible world.”

The opening also features a light and sound installation by the local media artist known as Projex. Call 983-2112 or visit

Colin Dabkowski