You’d think getting kicked out of Metallica just as the band was on the verge of becoming one of the biggest acts in the history of heavy metal would do some serious damage to a guy’s ego. It didn’t seem to slow down guitarist Dave Mustaine, however. He wasted no time putting together Megadeth, a thrash-metal outfit that hit its critical, commercial and artistic apex with the 1992 classic “Countdown to Extinction.” That album formally encapsulated Mustaine’s penchant for hyper-aggressive, complex and lyrically biting metal epics, and is widely regarded as one of the strongest metal albums of the 1990s.

Happy the metal head, then, who is planning on attending Saturday’s Megadeth show in the Rapids Theatre (1711 Main St., Niagara Falls). For this show, which kicks off at 7 p.m., Mustaine and Megadeth will honor the 20th anniversary of the monumental “Countdown to Extinction” album by playing the thing in its skull-rattling entirety, front to back. A twin-disc deluxe anniversary edition of the album is out now, so grab yours. Concert tickets are $40 advance, $40 day of show (box office). Visit

– Jeff Miers