Fallen soldier’s return belonged at top of page

On Sunday, Veterans Day, Alden welcomed home one of its young men who was killed in Afghanistan. After 11 years at war, this story must be considered “old news.” It is a sad day when a picture of the quarterback of a losing team takes precedence over coverage of this hero’s return. The Bills losing another game is the “old news.” This should not have gotten front-page attention.

Where was a picture of the giant American flag hanging over Broadway in the village? Where was a picture of the seemingly endless procession of the vets on motorcycles? Where was the picture of the people waiting almost an hour to enter the funeral home to pay their respects to his family? Where was the picture of the members of his small church standing and fighting back tears as the procession passed? The News could have exhibited class, empathy and patriotism, but chose not to.

Barbara A. Oleksy