Nation’s true heroes deserve more respect

At the very top of the front page on Nov. 12, The News chose to put a huge photo of the Buffalo Bills quarterback captioned with bold print “All that work for nothing.” The Bills lost a game (again). Is that really worthy of being the top news story of the day?

Only at the bottom of the front page was the article about a local soldier killed in action. That brave soldier, Sgt. Brett E. Gornewicz from Alden, certainly deserved more than coverage at the bottom of the page. That young man lost his life when a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan. His family and friends and community welcomed him home on Sunday as a true hero. I didn’t know this young man personally at all, but I do know that his story is so much more important than coverage of a Bills game, whether a win or a loss!

I question the sense of priority of The News. This certainly isn’t the first time it has given “top billing” to a sports story over the coverage of U.S. soldiers being killed in action.

Our true heroes in the U.S. armed forces deserve more respect and honor from the news media.

Kathleen Harrigan