There is no escape from ads of all kinds

The sky is blue. It snows in Buffalo. Water is wet. The media get bombarded during election season with political ads. To complain about something like political advertisement is both a waste of breath and paper. The “disgraceful behavior” that is American political outreach has lasted the test of time in this country, and won’t ever change.

There’s all this complaint about how candidates for government offices this year were excessive on the usage of media to promote themselves and the massive amount they spent on it. The donors of this money are, I’m sure, very well aware that their money is going toward repeating their favored candidate’s message over and over again while you’re trying to enjoy watching your good old American sitcom.

Experiencing something like this should be expected this time of year. Even so, this happens almost every day anyway. Just try to look closely at how many snack food, soda or lawyer commercials and ads you see every day, and not just on TV, but on billboards, magazines and the Internet. It’s all the same as political advertisement, except that it’s every day of the year and it’s everywhere you look. It’s called culture.

Angelo C. Hurley

East Concord