Don’t blame employees for early Christmas sales

“Christmas in July” is not only a phrase we seem to know all too well, but a reality for most competitive retail industries in our society. You will see stores lining their shelves as early as midsummer with what they call “early Christmas.” Most, however, kick off the full holiday season right after Labor Day weekend. This catches many consumers off guard and angers more than half of them, resulting in nasty comments, usually to the employees.

People always seem to be surprised at what they think is an untimely fashion for retail businesses to try pushing their products. However, the harsh reality is that for every dollar we are trying to save, a business is trying to gain. Stores will open their doors extra hours, have door-busting sales and some will even bring back layaway to help increase sales. Forty-two percent of holiday shoppers planned on doing some sort of shopping before Halloween, and Americans will spend $450 billion on the holiday season, which stimulates the economy.

In our economic time of hardship, with the price of almost everything rising, except our paychecks, catching a deal and shopping earlier will help eliminate some of the holiday season’s stress. To all the “Scrooges” out there, there is a simple solution to your problem, stay home! Nobody forces you into these establishments. Some of us like the Christmas season and don’t need your negative thoughts and opinions bringing us down. And shame on those who indicate that it’s the employees’ fault because they are stocking the shelves, instead of directing their anger at the company, where it belongs.

Katrina Luce