When Eddie Murphy stops in at L.A.’s Coffee Bean on Beverly Drive, he is often accompanied by his gorgeous girlfriend, model Paige Butcher. But Eddie doesn’t just sip coffee and gaze meaningfully into Paige’s eyes. He often engages and encourages the other customers into discussions on politics and world affairs. He leans toward the right, but is knowledgeable, polite and humorous. He’s a deep thinker!

On the professional side, Eddie is excited about a fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” movie. This has been in “deep planning” at Paramount. (As opposed to shallow planning?) The first “BHC” movies were released in 1984, ’87 and ’94.

Our intrepid guy in L.A., Hal Lifson, (he reps all those sexy runners like Maggie Vessey and Rick Symmonds) chatted Eddie up about his coming movie. Murphy, who is co-writing the script, said, “I’m excited to revisit Axel Foley again. I feel that now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I can bring some worldliness to the character. Make him more of a veteran.”

Well, Eddie is older, and probably wiser, but at nearly 51 he looks at least a decade younger. So, he won’t be a grizzled veteran, that’s for sure!


Some years ago I managed to scoop news that one of the most beautiful churches in Manhattan, located at 63rd Street and Park Avenue, was going to meld with the Rose Corporation to offer some of its space for charity events and galas.

This is, of course, the Third Church of Christ, Scientist. Their congregation of believers, once led by such as the famed actress Carol Channing, is simply no longer sufficient to the building’s physical upkeep.

This fantastic looking church, an architectural wonder, is in what is known as “the historic district” of Manhattan and cannot be torn down.

Meantime, the public ballroom in the church has become a mecca for smaller parties, galas, tributes and private dances, although the beautiful done-over “ballroom” cannot accommodate parties of more than about 400 people.

This church has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees fighting its “neighbors” – such as the ones in the building far across Park Avenue at the co-op at 580 Park Ave. – who seem to want to shoot down the church’s commercial ballroom.

How would the “neighbors” like it if the church sold the air rights to a huge, sun-blocking tower, built to deface Park Avenue and obscure both light and view?

I say to these detractors, leave this church be!

Let it have its one commercial floor, which leaves the church still able to perform its religious duty.

Live and let live! We all have enough trouble as it is.


Daniel Craig is known to be a sometimes intimidating interview subject. He doesn’t open up much. He values his privacy and cherishes his silence. However, Erik Hedegaard caught the star of “Skyfall” in a more jocular, relaxed mood for Rolling Stone. The actor happily chats about his big ears, nose-picking, shoplifted frozen turkeys, and certain habits we just can’t mention here.

When Hedegaard asks if Daniel ever Googles himself, he says: “I don’t, I mean, I really try not to. I really truly try. But then I can’t help myself and I disappear up my own a-- and that starts a whole cycle where I gotta look. I mean, I could probably put a lock on the computer, but, yeah, anyway, it’s a sickness. But that’s it. Except for maybe I’ll look up some porn, occasionally. Hey, I’m only human.”

Indeed! Not so human, however, that he’d reveal his favorite porn site. Gotta retain some mystery.

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