Hochul, Collins should be ashamed of campaign ads

The recent congressional race between Kathy Hochul and Chris Collins will be remembered for a long time. Unfortunately, it will be remembered for its total lack of truth, honesty, dignity and civility.

Truth was an early casualty, with outright lies told by the candidates and their agents. Honesty suffered when small truths were bent and distorted in order to make an illogical conclusion from an unimportant or unrelated fact.

When I heard for the hundredth time the square footage of a candidate’s house, I had to wonder if the other candidate was somehow aware of a secret study that proved that a person’s honesty or ability is inversely related to the size of his home. When I heard a shrill witch’s voice deride one candidate’s honesty, I had to wonder if 6-year-olds had been given the right to vote, because certainly this ad couldn’t have been aimed at adults.

Both candidates disgraced themselves as they unashamedly lowered the bar for acceptability. Beyond that, their actions cheapened the office to which they aspired as they assaulted their own constituents with trash. When all is said and done, it’s a shame that someone had to win this race.

Joseph Rosenecker