GOP needs to support intelligent candidates

“The good news is, the cake is baked. Barack Obama will not be re-elected president.” – Michele Bachmann, Oct. 18, 2011.

Ideally, the 2012 election will have the important consequence of seeing the GOP purge itself of the intellectual dummies parading about delivering the party’s message. The country is better served when two adult parties, both sharing mutual respect and equally valid ideas in terms of logic, have a place in the public square. This duality does not exist presently.

The Republican message has been hijacked by mental midgetry, often visible on Fox News and in the text of certain letter writers to this column. In the worst economic conditions in decades, the Republican Party could not beat President Obama. And the sad thing is, those Fox News personalities and letter writers don’t even understand why. They blame the media. They blame people wanting handouts. They blame everything and everyone, except who is truly to blame: themselves.

Obama, for all his flaws, is a serious man who thinks and speaks logically. No candidate presented by the GOP came close to reaching this abysmally low standard for judging public officials, save Jon Huntsman, who was laughed out of the primary process for evidently appearing too normal. Mitt Romney was so profoundly wooden as a candidate that to call him a Republican is insulting to those who think you actually need to take (and keep!) positions in order to earn a political affiliation.

The GOP leaders should keep telling immigrants to self-deport. They should keep talking about rape, and women’s heath in general, like this is 1950. Because by doing these things, they will continue to get annihilated in national elections for being too extreme. Maybe then they will start fielding candidates who aren’t thoroughly repulsive to a majority of Americans.

The cake sure does taste yummy, Michele.

Steve Spillman