SILVER CREEK – The Hanover Town Board on Tuesday night unanimously approved a 2013 town budget. The $4.3 million spending plan is up 1.5 percent from the current year’s budget.

The budget includes $1.18 million in the general fund and several special funds, including, water, sewer, fire protection and highways.

The amount to be raised by taxes is $590,901 toward the general fund and $425,745 in the highway fund outside of the villages of Silver Creek and Forestville.

There were no changes made in the budget since a public hearing held two weeks ago. No residents commented on the plan at the meeting Tuesday.

In other matters, Sunset Bay residents asked Supervisor Todd Johnson to relay a message to Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo asking about when ditches and storm drain areas would be cleaned. They said the recent heavy rains combined with leaves and debris to create plugged drainage areas. The supervisor said he knew the matter would be part of the town’s clean-up activities.

Board members approved rates with Independent Health for qualified full- and part-time employees. The monthly single coverage rate is $353, double is $900 and family coverage is $953.