Put swords down and work together

For many, the election results brought gladness and elation, while for others they brought sadness and despair. For me, I am not buoyed by President Obama’s win or drowned by Mitt Romney’s defeat. Rather, I find this a time to reflect. We are left to wonder why and consider the what-ifs.

Following this presidential election, there are many opportunities or topics worthy of our reflection. For me, one such opportunity is my vote – my choice. I believe my vote was the right choice, however, none of us knows for sure. We cast our vote and made our choice, and ultimately one candidate wins. We always want to be on the winning team. But, in this election, nearly half of the voters lost. Regardless of win or lose, it is time for all of us to put down our swords and work together to help the winner be successful – so that we are all winners in the end.

William D. Morrison