All who work hard are worthy of respect

During my working career, spanning many years, I have come across numerous people with the same arrogant and ignorant attitude as a recent letter writer. She strikes me as the type of person who must belittle and degrade others to make herself feel superior, stating that medical professionals deserve more respect and different treatment than the “aides” and “mop jockeys.” I can assure her that the “aides” and “mop jockeys,” as she refers to them, don’t deserve any less respect than the doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers, construction workers, etc., that exist in our country. No one should be ashamed or made to feel ashamed of making an honest living. Who is she to judge people by their occupation?

I have seen many bad people continue to advance and succeed in spite of their bad deeds, and many good people fail for nothing more than being victims of circumstance. So, if you must judge others, why not base it on the content of their character rather than their level of occupation? I think it would behoove the writer to understand that medical professionals are not gods and they sometimes fail in their jobs and when they do, sometimes good people die, regardless of their occupation.

Matthew J. Korzelius

Niagara Falls