Veterinary college is preposterous idea

I have read with keen interest recent News articles regarding the selection of a privately endowed new veterinary medical campus at Gates Circle as the best choice replacement use for the previous Millard Fillmore Hospital site. I am addressing this fantasy scenario from my sole perspective as a retired former owner and director of a landmark downtown Buffalo veterinary hospital. At one time, I served as a liaison committee member to the Land Grant Cornell Veterinary College at Ithaca, served as a director representing New York State to the Eastern States Veterinary Association and visited various veterinary colleges at Ohio State, Guelph, Ont., England and the “first ever founded" veterinary school in Scotland.

Therefore, having some worthwhile knowledge of the magnitude of the costs to privately fund and establish a respectable, fully accredited large and small animal veterinary college with a modern diagnostic laboratory, a comprehensive veterinary library, a state-of-the-art veterinary teaching hospital with first-class facilities to humanely house healthy and ill animals along with the necessary credentialed, specialty professors and the availability to acquire large research grants, I believe this is a preposterous plan, at best, for Buffalo without taxpayer assistance. I hope that the uninformed advocates for a “dream” veterinary college in Buffalo do not set their expectations too high, only to see the public’s visions dashed by reality.

Douglas Dedrick, DVM

Retired Cornell graduate veterinarian

East Aurora