Bills paying the price for Ralph’s mistakes

We can’t turn the clock back with the Bills, but if we could there were two huge mistakes that may have doomed the Bills to years of mediocrity.

The first was the firing of Bill Polian as general manager.

The second was the firing of Wade Phillips as head coach.

In both instances Ralph Wilson was the one responsible for the firings.

On top of that, when Phillips was fired, Ralph refused to honor Phillips’ contract, forcing Wade to take the matter and win in court. This sad episode of ignoring a contract flashed over the league and no doubt was part of the reason top-flight coaches turned down a chance to join the Bills.

We can all be grateful for Ralph for bringing a team to Buffalo in 1960. But we’ve seen how an owner can also make huge mistakes.

Herb Bertram

Orchard Park

Vote of confidence for Gailey makes fan cringe

The recent Buddy Nix statement that Chan Gailey is our coach for a year or more made me cringe when I read it.

Obviously, there’s something terribly wrong with this version of the Buffalo Bills.

I know no one expected us to win against Houston, but I thought we might, just might win after halftime.

Alas, another loss and problems with execution and getting the touchdowns instead of field goals.

Usually, a coach is given three years to improve a team and or get them to the playoffs. I realize there are many facets to prepare a team and have them execute game plans, but I’m tiring of postgame excuses and the “we should haves.”

Coach, the season’s half over and you have the Patriots coming up. What different changes or innovative plays can you devise? Please no more wildcat plays. They’re going nowhere and defenses are ready for them.

If you would like the most recent bus schedules for you and Buddy, I’d be happy to send them to you both.

Ronald Pecoraro


Bills simply aren’t playoff caliber team

The Buffalo Bills will never make the playoffs. They need a good quarterback and Ryan Fitzpatrick is nowhere near good. His passes are mostly off target. He is not sacked too often because he throws to receivers even when they’re covered.

The only way the Bills can beat the Patriots is if there is a very diversified rush early and often. The pass defenders have to play the receivers. The present defense only prevents the Bills from winning as well. Playing off the receivers 8 to 10 yards leaves them wide open for easy completions. That helps any quarterback look like Tom Brady.

Edward Rybak


Too many issues, not players hold back Bills

The Bills have the players to win. Here are a number of problems:

Bad coaching equals no coaching. Chan Gailey is uninspiring.

Dave Wannstedt isn’t a good defensive coordinator. Plus, he can’t motivate his players from up in the booth.

It’s time to clean house of all the coaches.

Good coaches make good game plans.

The Bills will finish 4-12.

Dave Blady


Lots of questions on Bills, but there aren’t any answers

Do the Bills have talent? Yes. Do they use it properly? No. If the offense was better, the defense would be better. Mario is not the sole problem. Where’s Dareus? Where are the linebackers? Where is the offense? A lot of questions. No answers.

James Furcoat


Bills are non entity in today’s NFL

Break up the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills have created a lot of commotion in the AFC East. Rumor has it that every other NFL team wants to be in the same division as the Bills. The Patriots, Jets and Dolphins start out with a record of 2-0 before the season even starts. Every other team wants to either be in AFC East with the Bills, or move the Bills to their division.

What does this all mean? The Bills are a non-entity in today’s NFL. Too bad, because the diehard, loyal fan base really swallowed the Buffalo Bills Kool-Aid. It is lethal.

Larry Schiro


Wilson remains cause for all that ails the Bills

It’s been obvious over the years that one of the main reasons the Bills continue to falter is the pettiness and frugality of their owner. His my way or the highway mentality has caused the departure of several successful football men namely Lou Saban, Bill Polian, Chuck Knox and Wade Phillips.

Wilson’s selfish decisions have caused our franchise league wide embarrassment and the inability to capture a Super Bowl.

So please, Ralph, go out on a good note and sell the team to someone who cares about winning and bringing respectability back to our fine city.

Martin Farrell

West Seneca

A GM in waiting already has a to-do list handy

I would like to apply for the job of general manager of the Buffalo Bills. If hired as new general manager of the Bills here are just a few things I would do after the regular season.

First, in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft I would draft a franchise quarterback who would be starting the very first game of the 2013 NFL season. I would keep Ryan Fitzpatrick as my backup QB.

Second, in the second round I would draft the very best catching tight end available.

Third, in the following rounds that are left I would draft only linebackers and safeties.

Next, of course right after the 2012 season ends, I would fire defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt. You cannot survive playing defense in the NFL without a blitz package.

Please consider me, Mr. Ralph Wilson, for this position of general manager. Your football orgnazation has not made the playoffs for the past 12 seasons and, by the way, sir, I would like to thank you for keeping the Bills here in Western New York

As new general manager I promise I will try to convince you to sell the franchise to somebody that will show some interest and compassion for the Bills organazation and its fans.

Theodore Rajewski


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