Drones create fear and promote hatred

To properly evaluate any act of physical force, all the facts need to be presented. In responding to the editorial addressing the use of drones, the writer failed to provide the total human cost involved with remote control killing.

Drones have been in the skies over the tribal lands of Pakistan since 2004. The estimated cost in lives to these people has been 176 children and 474 to 881 civilians. This constant surveillance has produced fear and anxiety in the everyday lives of innocent people, thus producing more hate.

In October, I participated in Codepink’s Peace March to Waziristan. While there, we met with drone victims and heard their stories of what damage this is creating. People can never understand what terrorism is until they are living through it on a daily basis. The drones are above 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As stated, they can hover for 30 hours. Children are afraid to go to school. Fear creates hate and hate creates enemies. And so the kill list gets longer.

The selling point is that this saves American lives. When did it become acceptable to deny due process and assassinate anyone our government sees as a “possible” threat? When war becomes so easy that a child can do it, we have fallen as humans and are opening the door to our own destruction.

As you sleep tonight, think of a drone flying overhead. Are you on a kill list? Is the person next to you on a kill list? Where does this end?

Bonny Mahoney