Let’s hope both parties will work with Obama

Congratulations to President Obama. He’s got four hard years ahead of himself. There are critical issues that need to be addressed for the sake of our country and future generations. I hope that he’ll receive support from both political parties in this endeavor. Decisions will be difficult and unpopular to many. Compromises will be needed. There’s not a doubt in my mind that everything that he does will be spun and twisted against him by his detractors. In this day of instant communication, mistruths are repeated and spread so quickly that they are given oxygen as if the lies were truths.

Unfortunately, I believe that he will unjustly become one of the most hated and reviled presidents ever; even more than Abraham Lincoln was at the time of his death. I’m also sure that history will show that Obama was one of best presidents. I personally am grateful that he will fight for four more years to ensure that America remains strong and great.

Bernard Jemiolo